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Stop Asking For Bi Fold Doors!

Stop Asking For Bi Fold Doors!

The amount of times we hear the words ‘we want an opening as wide as we can get it, doors opening out onto our garden ’

And we always follow up with ‘are you sure you want Bi Folds and not French doors?’

‘No, definitely Bi folds… and the full width of the wall please’

Okay… as long as you have done your research then all well and good, but if you have not, then this may well come as an eye opener for you.


The rule of thumb is £1000 per meter for your standard Upvc or softwood double glazed systems! 5 meter wide opening… £5,000.

If you are looking for paint finished Aluminium or Hardwood then keep digging deeper into those pockets.

Structural Engineer:

The minimum pier each end that meets within regulation, these days is around the 700mm distance, to get the doors as wide as possible will require the services of a good old fashioned Structural Engineer, but don't think your money is wasted, if you do decide to have the doors the full width, you will probably require the S/E services anyhow due to the justification of the support lintel above the doors!

Again, rule of thumb guide cost for such service is £200 site visit, £400 for calculations.


If non of the above has shocked you then carry on, but if you are trying to pick yourself off the floor after doing your sums, then maybe a more suitable French door & side lights might suffice?

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