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Outstanding U-value results

Outstanding U-value results

Recent industry testing has returned some great results for the glazing companies.

There has never been a better choice for diversity in relation to glass design and technology, from self cleaning glass to integrally installed blinds fully operable externally.

Although there are a ‘standard’ range of products available that can achieve overall U-values below the current Building Regulations requirements, there is a vast selection of products available that will surpass this benchmark.

Options of triple glazing, Argon & Krypton gas filled cavities, these results are exceptional and offer a top performing thermally efficient product.

In terms of UK Building Regulations, Part L dictates that all new build projects should be fitted with doors and windows with an overall product U-values of 2.0 or less.

Some manufacturers boast an overall U-value as low as 1.2 for their folding sliding doors, French and single door results as low as 1.1, and a flush casement window attaining an overall value as low as 0.9!

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