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It is Sink or Swim I’m Afraid!

It is Sink or Swim I’m Afraid!

Just when you thought it was safe to leave your property maintenance for another year!

Water damage has to be accountable for 80% of all material & property damage. Whether it is ground heave causing subsidence, burst pipes or water ingress such as damp and leaking roofs! Winter probably is just as responsible, but seasons we cannot do anything about…

Routine property maintenance we can control to a certain degree. You may well already have a good general builder, plumber, electrician or roofer in your directory but who would you use or go to if you have not one of those trusted professionals to call upon?

It is a bit of a lottery as to where to look, even once you have a contact how do you know they are any good… only by trial and error it would seem. Or maybe NOT… read on…

Ways to eliminate those cowboys:-

You need to go to someone who uses tradespeople all the time, this way they have done the vetting for you as such, organisations such as…

  • Letting Agents
  • Builders merchants
  • Plumbing & Electrical merchants
  • Building Designers & Architects

All of these will have good trusted names that are both local, also trustworthy.

Remember… everyone is only as good as their last job so check out at least the last 2 jobs that they have undertaken.

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