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History Being Made

History Being Made

We are at this moment in time, part of an historical moment that will be remembered forever.

This will be the subject of classroom discussions, future TV dramas, part of Exam questions and etched into family albums.

For now, in these present times, it will no doubt change the way we live and carry out day to day business. It has made us all think deeply and consider the options in front of us, sustainable living, environment issues, transport, remote communications….. etc

From our viewpoint: planning, development and general construction. How does it, and will it have an affect?

The biggest & immediate issue for construction is the supply of materials, mainly due to manufacturers closing down temporarily during the lockdown period of the Covid-19 outbreak, also a percentage comes from abroad which will have an added complication. Some suppliers will manage to sustain and manage the non earning lapse, some will close completely. Once manufacturing can regain momentum, there will no doubt be a delay in re-stocking outlets and the demand will no doubt outstrip supply for a short period. I know local builders are already in close contact with branch managers placing orders in anticipation! reassuring in a way.

Planning and design schemes for the residential market has taken a dip in interest, and rightfully so, social distancing is one factor, the biggest being the financing of the project, even with monies sat in an account, do you risk spending this at this time??

Well, there is not alot we can do about the finances but the rest we can help with! All local authities are managing to maintain services by remotely working so planning and building regulations are fully operational, even at a slightly slower pace.

We can provide a virtual meeting over a multitiude of streaming systems, Zoom, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype etc. With a simple brief from our client along with possible photos or basic sketches, we can offer a free consultation to discuss the merits of a proposal. This will, at the least, have things in place ready to move forward once restrictions are lifted.

Our personal opinion is that the need to maintain & not move will be ever more prevelant seeing a dip in the new house market. Extending and re-modelling an existing property will no doubt be the option.

We know of some situations where the builders are maintaining constant work where the property is vacant and the builders are able to impliment their own social distant work program….. providing materials are available!

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