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A little planning helps!

A little planning helps!

Most people approach builders first to dip their toe in the water with a view to acquire an initial build cost… This rarely works out in your favour!

The builder is not interested at this early stage because there is nothing in it for them! In their eyes, it is months away from any real earning potential.

This can only lead to you getting a false and unrealistic guesstimate which will lull you into a false sense of financial feasibility.

Your building designer or Architect will probably have a better idea as to whether your budget is realistic or not.

If all the boxes get ticked,the next stage is planning permission. This is something your Building Designer/ Architect will advise you on and apply for if necessary.

Planning application – A site survey will need to be carried out so that accurately scaled drawings can be drafted which the planning department will require, they are quite firm on the scales that the drawings need to be…. 1:50 or 1:100.

The plans along with relevant admin, site plan, block plan, diversity check list, method statement & PAR checklist will be submitted either electronically through the National Planning Portal or in hard copy format. Once registered, it is then a statutory 8 week wait!


Building regulations – This is the technical detail & specification for materials that are to be used, also the correct nominated procedure & bodies to meet current regulations.

Detailed plans, application admin, site plan and building notes are to accompany the application. These also can be sent either electronically or in hard copy format. Again, once registered there are a few more weeks of waiting!… But once approved you are ready to put out to tender to your nominated Builder! ( this is also something your Building Designer/Architect can assist with.)

A realistic time frame from concept to a spade in the earth is 5 MONTHS!!!

So, A little planning helps!

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